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Studio 15 is a design-oriented firm located in new Mumbai focused on high-end residential and commercial rendering projects. We use latest 3D software rendering technologies to deliver realistic visualizations to our clients who approach us with their product drawings and sketches.

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Amazing Bedrooms


Bedrooms are typically designed to offer a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere, conducive to sleeping, reading, or other leisure activities. As an architect, designing a bedroom involves considering the size and layout of the room, the placement of windows for natural light, and the selection of materials and finishes that promote comfort and tranquility.

Modern Kitchens


It is typically designed with functionality, safety, and style in mind, and may also serve as a social hub for the family or guests. As an architect, designing a kitchen involves considering the layout, appliances, lighting, storage, and finishes to create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

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